Edness' Homepage

Hi there, and welcome to my GitHub page!

Basic Information

I've had a few sites in the past, but none of them really had any meaningful use, nor did they look nice. While I've wanted to make this site for a while now, I wanted it to actually have some useful and/or interesting purpose besides just categorizing all of my currently published scripts and plugins.

And that said purpose ended up being the Live Tools section, where I attempted to learn and improve my JavaScript and find out why it's so widely disliked by rewriting some of the more simpler scripts for a live web version ready to play around with. (Seriously, 53-bit precision integers and no direct way to have unsigned numbers?)

This site relies on Bootstrap and jQuery which are imported from jsDelivr.com, but besides that no other libraries were used. Everything else you see here was hand-written, and the sources can be found at the site's repository.

For my currently published scripts, see the Tools and Plugins section; to read a bit more about myself, see the About Me section. I also accept donations.

Random Trivia

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